Monday, November 09, 2015

Ainola, Finland

They don't call the Finns 'the silent man' for nothing. They like to find a remote spot, build a sauna, a house and an outhouse and lived there all alone. Families do it too. Artists and composers like Jean Sibelius moved his family to a remote spot outside of Helsinki. Other artists and writers followed him and before you know it there is this community outside of Helsinki. I had the pleasure of taking a commuter train one morning to head out to Ainola, out in the woods, where Jean Sibelius built his house, sauna and outhouse and where he and his wife lived out their years and were buried here. Even today it felt like the middle of nowhere but a beautiful 'middle of nowhere.' After a day or two in any congested city, I crave the sanity of the countryside. In Finland, one is never far from a country spot and that is so refreshing. If you are like me, and you find yourself in Helsinki, do take the commuter train out to Ainola. There is a stop for it, get off and follow the signs for Ainola. You might have to walk a bit but its well worth it. You'll come to a wooded spot that till today is a little 'far from the madding crowd.' In summer it is so pleasant and you'll wish you could stay forever. There will be people doing their morning walks, there are people who do live around there, not many. You will be envious. There's a beautiful garden and a cafe. You'll wish you live there.

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