Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Norway, fjord and glacier

Its easy to put together a little trip to Norway and get most of the major experiences in. One can have a fjord experience, a glacier and a fantastic rail experience.Oslo, the capitol of Norway is easy to get around in, using trams and the underground and the trains. There are ferries to everywhere also.Oslo has some of the world's major museums, it has Munch! The Oslo-Bergen train is a fascinating experience going over some of the highest terrain. It is a very popular train and the first train sells out fast. Bergen is among the prettiest city in the world. Again it is compact enough as not to overwhelm but has enough sites as not to underwhelm. From Bergen, take the ferry up Sognefjord. There are many other fjords and ferries but if you are rushed for time, I think, Sognefjord is plenty. One can opt to stay the night at one of the small villages on the way before reaching Flam, at the end. I stopped for the night at Balestrand, a sizable village which is very popular. From Balestrand I was able to take another ferry to Fjaerland fjord and to the Jostalen glacier. The glacier is retreating up the mountain but it left behind a glacial lake. It was an incredible sight and a wonderful experience. A glacier and a fjord, what a trip!

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