Thursday, November 12, 2015

Flam, Norway

I've been busy writing about my trip getting ready to turn the information into Kindle ebooks. This means looking at photos I took and remembering the days spent on the trip. Norway in the summer is so beautiful and I regret having put off visiting till now. I'm forced into reading about the people who made this country great, Ibsen, the playwright whose house I visited while I was in Oslo. I'm now reading about the Norwegian shooter who killed 77 of his own people, Anders Breivik. The thing about this book is it gives an idea on the social system in Norway and its judicial and correctional system. When I wrote on Finland (its still a manuscript) I read the biography of Tove Jansson. It gives details on life in Finland for the common people during the war years. Finland went through a lot of wars. I would never care for these things if not for the fact that I'm writing about visiting these countries. Here in Flam at the end of the very long and deep Sognefjord, there's this beautiful river of rushing water. On the left side is Flam hostel and camp ground and on the right, the fjord, a big cruise ship can be seen docked there. You've got to visit Norway, try next summer.

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