Sunday, October 15, 2006

rosemary and thyme

Watching last night's show evoked in me dreams of one day buying a house in Nice, in the south of France and living there. This morning I coldn't wait to go to my study and dragged out all the books I have about the south of France and rereading them again. It's visions like this, visions of Europe that keep my juices flowing, that get me out of bed and going to work. I am starring at a section of my boodcases and I see more than 10 books on China and more than 10 books of Italy. When will I get to go to all these places and to think I don't know when I'll return to Venice or Florence. I want to. I have some very old travel books, written before I was born, written around 1936, the quality of writing is different. I tried to look for some more in the same series but they are not available. I hope they are still in private collections and not destroyed. It will be a great loss to humanity if they wouldn't be available anymore. All you people who owns old books, please contact or Please do not burn any book. You don't know who might be interested. I've bought an old book for $125. There's one I would like to own but at $199 I think I'm going to sleep on it. Is anyone out there as crazy as I am.