Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Time out

Whatever you do, wherever you are, always make time for coffee(or tea) and cake (carrot cake)! Happy New Year.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Blaze your own trail for 2017

A lot of my Facebook friends have consulted surveys about what their lives should be and where they should go. Why? Find it in your own heart what you would like to do and do it. Our family just buried a young family member, ask yourself, 'if you had life to do over, what would you do?' Then go out and do it. We are not here to occupy space. Someone once said, 'we have everything we need for this extravagant journey called life!' Ephesians chapter one reiterated, 'we've been given every spiritual gift...' There is no lack in our life, just lack of gumption! Lets blaze a trail through and lets do it. Bring in the new year, bring in 2017!

Saturday, December 17, 2016


The anticipation was palpable as I walked the 15 minutes to the front gate after being dropped off the bus from Rye. I had taken the train into Rye from London after changing trains at Ashford International. I googled how to get here and it was a lovely morning in June 2016. I walked past a few home owners working on their yards along the way. 'Good morning, is this the way to ....?' 'Good morning, they all replied, here it is. I have been traveling independently for decades and the last few trips have been doing it on my own. While it can be frustrating sometimes, it is mostly gratifying, to feel the freedom. I cannot understand what it feel like to be immobilized, not as much being physically incapacitated but more prevented by someone else whose interests are different. There was a time, very long ago, that happened but now that I've tasted this freedom, I will not surrender! The excitement I felt as I drew near the front gate of 'Great Dixter' garden, it was hard to contain. I made it and it did not disappoint! 'Great Dixter' is full of wild spaces filled with wild flowers. I have resolved that I will spend the rest of my life chasing wild flowers!