Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Antonio Basoli

The wonderful thing about travel is the discovery of minor artists whose work is major. They are mostly celebrated native sons whose work is proudly on display in their place of birth. Without traveling, one would never have heard of the likes of Giacomo Serpotta, celebrated Sicilian sculptor; Renato Guttuso, another native son of Sicily, Morandi and Antonio Basoli, both born and lived in Bologna.
It was Easter Sunday and we were in search of anything that would be opened that day, knowing in our hearts that we might not be able to find anything. So we walked along Via Zamboni to head over to the University of Bologna, started in the year 1000 and the oldest University in Italy. Lo and behold Pinacoteca Nazionale Bologna was opened to our surprise. It was 4 euros to enter and free for the girls who were both under 18. They have their resident collection of Renaissance painting and a huge collection of Christian Iconic art, it was a very large collection, and beautiful and in very good condition. I don't think I've ever seen Iconic art in real life, this was my first time. I was very impressed.
Then they had, in the basement, a baroque display of a lot of Antonio Basoli's work. I've never heard of him but went down to view it anyway. I loved it, I loved his journals. I love the journals of famous artists, I have Eugene de la croix and recently acquired Cezanne, some of their many journals. I took some pictures knowing I couldn't afford the 50 euros book of all his work and besides it'll be too heavy to bring back. I did buy a second hand copy of a book of some of his work, not all of it. It came in the mail yesterday. Now I wished that I have splurged on that 50 euros book of all his work.
Where ever I go in the world, I love to learn about local artists and maybe take pictures of their work or buy a book or two.

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