Saturday, April 05, 2008

Food on the road

a pizza of shrimp and rocket, very unusual taste, very good, we spent 35 euros on that pizza dinner for 3 people.
starters of salad and salami, simple but very tasty, to save money, we shared 1 salad, 1 starter, it was plenty to go around for 3 people.

even this Treviso radicchio looked like art work, a masterpiece.

More lettuce...I love being in Europe in Spring, the abundance of all kinds of greens is so uplifting. It is beautiful things like this that is condusive to a creative life, that's why Europeans are so creative.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity of taking a picture of this pretty lettuce in a covered market in Ravenna.We were buying olives from this vendor.

A street market in Rome, near Roma Termini where we stayed at a cheap hotel, 90 euros for the 3 of us, that's the cheapest I've found.
The countryside was started to wake up after winter, there were fruit blossoms every where. Much of Italy is still covered with farms and agriculture. Friends have mocked me, 'why go to Europe, it's just a place of old and moldy buildings?' I love old and moldy buildings, the older the better. But it is more than that, the scenery is so uplifting, the old style of living and farming is still evident, gives me hope in this world of so much blood shed. We must choose life and living and creativity.

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