Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogs on Sicily

A cup of tea and some freshly baked Madeleines and I'm ready to surf. I spent 3 hours on this blog 'sicilyscene' ( It is written by a lady from Wales, who moved to Modica, Sicily to teach English. She details her life there in Modica - of water shortages and other nuisances. Remember the trash problem in Naples? Well, it is now a shared problem, Ragusa (I've been there) is to take 250 metric ton of Naples' trash. It's a fun site, check it out.
The other one I like is 'Siciliamo' ( I think this one is based in Marsala on the Western side of Sicily. I, particularly, liked his posts on 'on a shoestring'. More and more people are turning their homes into a B&B. Likewise there's a small movement called 'at-home' restaurants where private homes are turned into restaurants.
I, also like, his posts on wines of Sicily. On the island of Pantelleria, they plant Zibibbo grapes and makes dessert wines from it. The grapes are harvested and left in the sun to dry. The raisins and more fresh grapes are then made into a dessert wine. A bottle of Passito di Pantelleria goes for 30 Euros in a store in Rome.
I left a comment saying, I've just found reasons to return to Sicily for the third time.
Also please view the youtube video (coming up next) about street food in Palermo. They eat a beef spleen sandwich there. I have to go back to taste it.

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