Saturday, April 19, 2008

Food in Bologna

It is a lot of fun wandering into shops whose array of food is so different from what we have at home. The whole idea of traveling is to experience things that are different. One sees a lot of big whole hams hanging from the rafters, all kinds of cheeses, all kinds of vegetables, cookies and cakes. It is Easter week and the array of Easter cakes is so mouth watering. Wow! It's art, architecture, food and people that will remind us of our time spent in Bologna.
I just received a letter from a friend who is in Paris now and at 60 it's his first trip to Europe and his first trip to Paris. He expressed his thrill of being there and said he didn't think he'll actually in his lifetime be in Paris in the flesh. Europe is easy. I have to say I've become jaded, but not really, the thrill is still there because everything is so different. Even the every day lives of Europeans is thrilling, even their struggles, whether it be trash pick up or lack of in Naples, Italy or the lack of water in Modica, Sicily, whether they are putting Belusconi back in power.....What's going to happen to Alitalia? Will I experience problems when I fly into Terminal 5 at London Heathrow? If I take Eurostar from London to Paris, I don't go to Waterloo station but to Paddington? As Rick Steves' said, 'keep on traveling.'

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