Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday dinner

While I'm on the 'Ramen' diet, sometimes I do splurge. How about BBQ spare ribs? Mmmmm.. It is extremely simple. I copied the recipe from a recent Women's magazine. I coined the word, 'Ramen' diet meaning, not so much to lose weight but rather to save money. It's not even about eating 'Ramen' or instant noodles. It means eating more simple and economical meals. It means eating tuna casserole, simple stir fry, tofu and other fast, money saving meals. I have a few staple recipes like beef stir fry with tomatoes of which I make a huge batch and eat it with rice for dinners and also as a sack lunch at work. Right now I'm still working through a big pot of tuna with noodles. I usually cook twice a week, eating leftovers most of the week. It's always fun on the days that I cook. The days that I don't are more perfunctory- I just go to the fridge and eat whatever is there. It's working for me, I've done this for years.
While I'm doing this, I'm dreaming of the great bread found in Sicily, Panini con Porchetta, duck confit, escargot, Cornish Pasties, English cream teas with scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream, fromage blanc.....
When's my next trip....?

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