Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial day barbeque

ingredients for the Cherry crumble, one of the desserts
ingredients for Spaghetti alla norma, evokes memories of Sicily.

a salad of baby Arugula

a melange of crockery

Voila, the Cherry Crumble that just came out of the oven, hot and bubbly.

Spaghetti alla norma

I love this island, it doubles as a prepartion table and a buffet table. The food is prepared and once is cooked, the cooked food is arranged and the eating starts at the dinning table.

The black and yellow color is dated but I'm not going to spend any money updating this kitchen. I love the commercial stove, it's huge and hot, I can cook 2 turkeys side by side in the oven, it's that big.

Dinner time, quick, a picture before all the food is consumed. Bon Apetite!
It was very nice to have everyone gather together for a meal, our first since New Year, we couldn't do it over Easter because I was in Italy with my nieces. I was very happy to be cooking again and making food that reminds me of my trips abroad. I look forward to July 4th and am even now thinking about what to cook.

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