Monday, September 13, 2010

Another red city, Marrakech

It was only six months ago that we were in Marrakech. The zeal for it has waned a little as we prepare to visit other places in the world. Marrakech is one of the most exotic and vibrant places that I've visited so far. The people are nice and energetic. It's fun to experience energy in places we visit. It is crowded but that's nothing new considering we are from Southern California where people and cars clash and fight for space. I'm always amazed at magazine articles featuring Los Angeles and Southern California. I don't remember it being so beautiful or so special but it is. While at home, all we do is go to work and come home. It's the Hollywood types who has the time to visit all the special places. In some neighborhoods it is easy to bump into a movie star or just working in a drugstore (I'm a pharmacist and have filled prescriptions for some movie stars) one will see movie stars come in for prescriptions or other drugstore items. Or going to the Los Angeles courthouse because these movie stars often get into trouble with the law. Or going to a local jail, one might bump into Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan serving their time at the local women's jail. Maybe no place is as crowded as Cairo or China. I've yet to go to India. I hope to do it soon. many places, so little time..... We've enjoyed Marrakech very much

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