Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Parfait colors- Annecy, France

The whole idea of travel is to experience sights, sounds and tastes that are different. Here in Annecy, France, the buildings are painted in the colors of the macarons or the macarons were made in the colors of the buildings. This town is so sweet and there is water flowing all around the buildings like a little Venice. The water is sparkling and clean and it came from Lake Annecy which is purported to be the cleanest lake in France. It is amazing how one can still keep a lake so clean. I guess if there is a will, there will be a way. We spent a few hours just soaking up the atmosphere of this pretty place. Traveling is time consuming and expensive but I love it. today we've become very visual people because of the Internet, no one will read anything unless a picture is also posted, an appealing picture is possible. I must admit I'm guilty, I'm more likely to stay on a site if there are pretty pictures and for this reason I try to post pretty and appealing pictures on my site. These are very pretty pictures, if it were someone else's site, I would stay a while.

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