Tuesday, September 21, 2010

World markets, China

I wasn't going to post anything while I'm away, I guess Changed my mind. This was done before I left, the blog has the capability of deferring the appearance of the post to whatever date I want.  I was just thinking that there are people who travel a lot and for extended periods do come home changed and they can't live at home anymore. They end up adopting another country. I used to ask, why do we always want to live in the places we vacationed in?' I guess because we were happy there and we think if we lived there we'll continue to be happy there. I thought that once, many years ago. My then husband and I will always ski in Utah and when our marriage ended, I thought I'd move to Utah and be happy there. Boy, was I wrong, I was miserable and before the year was up I moved back to California. These days when I leave home, I always remind myself of that fateful lesson.
This trip, in particular, I've drawn  up a list of reasons to come home to resume my life here:
1) fund my 401K
2) fund my social security earnings
3) pay off the last bit of the mortgage
4) be with family whom I love and who loves me
5) be available for my staff and my patients and all the friends I've collected over the years
6) be here for the November elections, an important mid term poll, not going to miss it
7) resume the career which I love and enjoy.
8) plan more trips all over the world, next...... Athens and the Peloponnese.
9) return to China for a more extensive trip.
I remember this morning spent in a little village in China. In English the name of the village is 'Little wooden bridge'. After a breakfast of stewed chicken feet and stewed tripe, I jumped into a taxi and asked to be taken here. I remember this trip with fondness and hope to return very soon.

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