Thursday, September 09, 2010

Funny moments

I still laugh at this incident each time I'm reminded of it. In June 2009 I was in Yunnan, a province in Southern China. I went out to the countryside with a lady taxi driver. She wasn't Chinese of the Han race but she is Nasi, one of the many minorities of China. This little place was called Lijiang and people of the Nasi race predominates. Here I was out in the fields with the natives when I happened upon these 2 Nasi villagers. The younger lady picked up this heavy load of rice and started running and hauling it away while the older one ran behind her. I was chasing them to take a picture of them at the side and if possible from the front. I remembered, trying so hard and not being able to keep up with them both. They left me in the dust and I had to be happy with this picture of them from the backside.

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