Thursday, April 09, 2015

AD 79 excavation from Pompeii

 This style of fresco decoration is actually Greek which the ancient Roman copied and it can be found in almost all Roman villas. Panels found in the New York Metropolitan museum came from a villa in the gulf of Naples. It was found on private property and was buried by the ashes coming out from Mt Vesuvius when it blew its top in AD79. Most of the villa came to the New York Met, the rest went to the Naples museum. I've seen those at the museum in Naples, they don't look as good as the ones here at the New York Met.
 There was enough panels to fill a three sided room.

 Talk about Pompeiian red, this is the true Pompeiian red, this has been restored and it looked absolutely glorious.

They found inscriptions in this villa, 'Agrippa Postumus' the son of Marcus Agrippa. It is believed that this villa could have belonged to Marcus Agrippa and on his death passed on to his son, Postumus.

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