Thursday, April 02, 2015

New York

 Its no mistaking it, its New York city, all the iconic sights, the neon lights, the yellow taxis, the skyscrapers and Central Park. I was in New York! I only spent one whole day there but it was quite enough. I had fun!
 Here in Times Square, I was among the crowd outside the ABC studio during the taping of the Good Morning America show. They featured the winners of the show 'Dancing with the stars'. I didn't recognized who it was, I haven't watched the show for eons.

I stayed with my sister in New Jersey and early that morning I went with them into Manhatten, they went to work and I was left to wander New York city on my own. It was a very chilly morning, I had breakfast at Dean and Deluca, went over to Times Square, bought a newspaper and went to Central Park to read it. It was too early for anything to be opened.

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