Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hire your guide for Matera

 As soon as I returned from Matera in February this year, I uploaded my ebook on Amazon Kindle and I've been seeing a few downloads. I hope some of these people would show up in Matera.
 In the ebook I wrote about our experiences with our guide, Luigi at We are friends on Facebook and this was a picture he posted yesterday. Two Americans! Well, I don't know if they downloaded my ebook. I know for sure they had a great time and this will form one of the best experiences of their travel lives.
One of the highlights will be a trip to the crypt of original sin or in Italian, la cripta del peccato originale. Its not easy to get to the crypt, easier if you have a guide with a car. The cave has the most exquisite frescoes in it. I have a picture of it on the wall in front of my desk and another picture, a Klimt painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer II, both of which are exquisite. I can see the comparison, the attention to detail, amazing!

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