Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento 2006, that was the last time I was in Southern Italy. It was great to be back. As I said before Naples is scary but I've been there before. A lot of Italian cities has been inundated by African immigrants, Naples is one of those cities. But underneath the surface there lives a very tolerant Italian population, maybe. One does not have to stay in Naples, just a short train ride away is the Amalfi coast, the Southern Italian rivera. Even so, one does not have to stay in a hotel in Naples. There is always the lovely Sorrento. It is a beautiful city, small and upscale. After finishing with Pompeii we jumped back on the train and went to Sorrento, its at the other end of the circumvesuviana line. We found a restaurant, had dinner and went back to Naples on the same train. I prefer to stay in Naples and next to the train station. There are lots of old mansions that have been converted into hotels and in February, rooms were so cheap. The area is not that great, its actually the red light district but it doesn't bother me. Once we're in our room, we shut the world out.

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