Saturday, April 04, 2015

Roman and Greek sculptures at the NY Metropolitan museum

 This is Bernini's Priapus. There is a similar one in the garden at Gallerie Borghese in Rome.

 A bust of Julius Caesar.

Oh Venus, perfect and beautiful.
I was amazed at the huge collection of ancient artifacts. I read somewhere that during Pax Romana, every Roman citizen built fancy villas and decorated them with sculptures. There were so much that anywhere you dig, you'll be sure to find a bust of someone. The English travelers of the 'Grand Tour', each took back enormous quantities and here at the New York Met, there were rooms full of ancient Roman sculptures. The New York Metropolitan museum of art ranks among the best museums in the world. I was a little surprised. It was wonderful to be there and for a moment I forgot where I was, I thought I was in  a museum in Europe.

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