Thursday, December 20, 2007

Annecy, France

The reason for being in Lyon was so I can go to Annecy. I had wanted to see the North East of France the previous year but couldn't. Annecy is so pretty, colorful, every building is painted in a muted shade of pastel color- pink, lilac, apple green, and yellow. The water from Lake Annecy flows into canals that surround the buildings, it's like Venice, except the water is sparkling, clear and clean. The lake is the largest fresh water lake in France and the water is ultra clean. It is like Paradise, unreal, I wonder what's is like to live in such a pretty place. I have met people, Americans who's fallen in love with the place they vacationed in and have decided to live in these places only to find it a trap. First, they don't have the language skills, next they don't have a marketable skill, so they end up flipping burgers in paradise. I've met these kind of people. So I'm only wondering aloud about living in these places. I like to visit, I don't want to stuck there, one cannot eat pretty. A market was in full swing and we bought some fruit from an old lady and Sophie decided to give her more money than she asked for. Sophie is a pastor's daughter and that is how she is. The old lady probably has more money than us. We were short changed all the time in Europe and she decides to give away money.
We took the bus to Annecy from Part Dieu, took 2 hours but the train brought us back past some old, quaint and deserted villages. Even in the fading light, we could see another part of the lake, the train conductor alerted us to the fact that we'll be passing the lake, so nice of him. It was very late when we reached Part Dieu in Lyon. Part Dieu and the metro, while initially baffling us, became our close friend.

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