Saturday, December 15, 2007

Books I'm reading now

Every other blogger seems to be doing a section on books they're currently reading. Let me do mine,
1) Miss Daisy Miller by Henry Miller.
I read 'Portrait of a lady' by Henry Miller and is intrigued by this author. So I decided on Miss Daisy Miller. I like stories on strong women. I also like reading about Americans in Europe. Both these two novels have these two elements in them. Although I've not read 'On wings of a dove', I've seen the movie. It's about a group of people scheming to get the money of a sick and dying American heiress in Europe.
2) A time of gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor.
The excerpt reads, 'In 1933 the author was 18, expelled from school he left England and travel on foot, up the Rhine, down the Danube and on to Constantinople'. He traveled mostly through Germany. I have trouble with this book because I've never been to Germany or Austria and am lost because I am not familiar with the geography. I need to visit Germany and reread this book.
3) Black lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West.
This is a very thick book and I will not rush through it. It is about the author's travels through Yugoslavia. Her style is easier to read than Patrick Fermor. There's a lot of Slavic history which I'm not familiar with but wants to know more.
4) Marco Polo by Laurence Bergreen.
While traveling through Sicily, some one left a historical novel on Genghis Khan. I regret I forgot the title but it was very intriguing. Marco Polo went to China and interacted with Kublai Khan and gives an insights on Mongol culture.
These books just arrived from Amazon and I vowed to read them slowly, not rush through them, savor every morsel of information.


Anonymous said...

Portait of a Lady and Daisy Miller are by Henry James, not Henry Miller.

annechung said...

oops, faux pas, got the 2 Henry mixed up. I did go to my room to look at the author again and Miss Daisy is by Henry James. Thhanks