Friday, December 21, 2007

Pretty places

Annecy is so pretty, the photos doesn't do it justice at all (maybe the camera share some of the blame). Whatever it is, pictures can only do so much, there's nothing like being there. I guess that's why I actually travel to these places instead of just being an armchair traveler. Lake Annecy is immense, lovely and clean. In summer, cruise boats take people out into the lake. It was late October when we were there. All the boats were moored and all boating activity seized... except for an instructor taking a class of 10 years old canoeing. Every little kid paddles his or her canoe, some were faster than others, some were struggling. It was fun to watch, we were cheering them on.
Every nook offered a pretty vignette and a photographic opportunity. I'd love to go back and paint. Better yet I can keep on traveling to look at more pretty places in the world.

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