Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lyon- old Lyon

Roman ruins

Notre Dam church

St Jean

streets of old Lyon

the river Saone

Lyon has a very pretty old quarter, cute art galleries, restaurants and pastry shops galore. The very beautiful and immense Notre Dam cathedral is at the top of a steep hill and visible from everywhere in Lyon. The river, Saone is one of two rivers that cut into the city.
We walked the old quarter the whole morning and took pictures. We hiked up to see the Roman ruins, large and deserted. The cathedral is very impressive, of white marble throughout, the interior is green and gold and very royal. The basement is as large, this place is so immense and so beautiful. In the old quarter, there's another old church, St Jean, it is older, I think it's Romanesque.
We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, imagine eating Chinese in Lyon. The lady who works there was from Cambodia and could speak Cantonese and French.
Lyon is a very civil place, very dignified, bordering on boring.

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