Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More pictures, Catania

I couldn't put too many pictures in my previous posting but here's some more. It's a little known fact that Catania has a very short metro line that runs between the central station with the top of Via Etna. So it is not necessary to stay close to the train station, one can stay further away on the top of Via Etna, head over to statione Borgo and take the metro to the central train station and the buses. It is a very short line, only 4 stops, it's not crowded, it's very clean and I think, safe. We didn't know that before and we walked all that distance to the train station and this helps in finding accomodations too, one does not have to limit ourselves to staying near the train station. Also, to take the Circumetna, the little train that runs along the bottom of Mt Etna, the station is just next to Statione Borgo. It took us almost 2 hours the last trip before we found out that Circumetna does not originate from the main train station. We found out that we had to go to Borgo station. I am a one person tripadvisor! So if you ever want to go to Catania and Sicily....

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