Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Popes Palace

Pastry shop that sells the best Florentine cookies in the world, to die for. I discovered Florentine cookies on my first visit to Avignon 7 years ago. At $2 a cookie it is well worth the price.

A cathedral in Avignon, forgot the name, I've seen and been in so many churches that unless it is exceptional, it's forgetable.

A wedding in progress, I think the bride is American because half the service was in English and they have an American accent.

The wedding car, a Rolls Royce. The chauffeur was waiting outside.
It was late Saturday afternoon when we finished settling the business with going or not going to Roussillon. Sophie has never been in Avignon before, this was my third visit. We walked around the walled city, into the old cathedral, there was a wedding in progress but we toured and looked at the inside of the cathedral anyway while the service was going on. We went to the Popes Palace, the garden and the rest of the touristy places. The only change I see is there are a few supermarkets in town, didn't use to be any, I used to get my stuff from the mom and pop greengrocers. The other change is the presence of Chinese tourists. I know the tourism offices of both France and Italy are actively wooing visitors from mainland China. They are the new rich (nouveau riche).
I remember my first visit, the exchange rate was so much in our favor. I stayed at Hotel d'Europe, a quaint old chateau turned into a hotel. Subsequent visits to Avignon has seen me staying in 'slums' or rather much cheaper places. Well, at least, I still get to be in Avignon.

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