Wednesday, January 09, 2008


How long was this amazing trip? 3 weeks. I've been posting about it since returning from it the first week of November 2007 and I'm still not done. I've uploaded a lot of pictures on this blog and I still have more. How many pictures did I take? Almost 800! How did I do that? Taking into consideration that the power in the battery pack gets used up and memory cards get filled up.
I've many painful lessons regarding picture taking during my previous trips. I've made more than 14 trips to Europe and each trip has its painful memory about photography. The best years was when I used the 35mm point and shoot film cameras. They never failed me. Then I rushed out on one trip and bought a Kodak Advantix camera. I have a lot of bad pictures to show for - Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris and Spain. That was the worst of the lot.
Then I went digital, my first digital camera was the worst ever made also, I'm embarrass to even mention the name of the make. It didn't work half the time and on trips when it did work, I ran out of power with no back up. During the March 2007 trip to Sicily, I thought 2 battery packs would have enough to power me through. It only lasted 1 of the 2 weeks we were there.
I have been in so many pretty places in Europe without a working camera. These are sad and painful and embarrassing lessons.
What was I to do for 3 weeks in Europe, as in my last trip? I made sure I didn't miss taking pictures of anything. It was my revenge.
1) I brought 2 x 2gb memory cards which was barely enough, a total of 6gb would be a safer bet.
2) I still have my 2 battery packs but I went to REI and bought a transformer with adaptable plug heads to fit all the countries of the world.
They use 220v in Europe and you need a transformer to step down the electrical supply before you can plug in your charger. I had to recharge one battery pack once. Sophie used the transformer more than I did.
It worked really well in Sicily. In France, in Lyons, the first time Sophie had to use it, the adaptable plug head didn't fit. France made some changes. Luckily we were able to 'borrow' one from the hotel so Sophie could recharge her battery pack.
In Avignon, a few days later she was recharging her battery pack again. I found out she kept the French adaptable plug head.
Back home, I tried to get her to put it with the rest of my transformer kit. She said, no, I forgot her reason why. Anyway I have my transformer kit in my house and she has the 'French connection' in her house.
I've learnt important lessons. This was not meant to be an expose on cameras or photography. I would be the last person to write about cameras and/or photography.
They say, 'take lots of pictures'. I am... finally.

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