Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Television and too much TV watching

More money saving tips. There are two sides to the boob tube, on the one side there are people watching life being lived out and on the other side, people living out loud a life in front of the camera. Most of us are on the side where we watch passively as drama unfolds.
I'm not going to reiterate about the sex and violence that are being portrayed but about the propagandizing in the story lines of most of the TV shows whether it be a sitcom or a crime or romance drama. It is uncomfortable for me to watch especially when the propagandizing is so blatant. Maybe it's because it's too real. If the sex, violence and the propagandizing has become too real, then this is a sad day. I worry about the young people, I worry about my nieces and nephews. I have an old TV set which pretty soon wouldn't be able to receive the HD images. I don't watch much TV preferring to read and to write instead. I have colleagues who go into debt to buy a big and latest format TV.
When I do watch TV, I love Masterpiece theatre on PBS. I've watched Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and Bleak House too many times, I've lost count. Lately it's 'Persuasion'. I love Helen Mirren in 'Prime suspect'. I love 'Keeping up appearances' , 'As time goes by' and 'Rosemary and Thyme'.
It is not just the story lines on some of these TV shows that are offensive, it's the ads thrown at me. They say watching too much television ads makes one dissatisfied with one's life. It appeals to our 'lack' - lack of a size o figure, lack of a new car, lack of something or other, so we open our wallet and buy a new car, even an eco friendly car, join a gym (and never use the facilities), buy some diet food- the list goes on and on. Before we know it, the biggest lack in our lives becomes a lack of savings.
Here's another saving tip, turn off the TV but watch Judge Judy, she'll save you a lot of money and heart ache!

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