Sunday, January 20, 2008

Les Baux

It is getting more difficult to write, I'm filled with nostalgia. The trip was long and I was homesick but I knew that when I got home, I'll be pining to go away again. The trip, however long, is drawing to a close and pretty soon I'll move on to other experiences and this trip, like it's predecessors will be but a dim memory... however wonderful it was.
After visiting the Pont du Gard, we were driven to and left to amuse ourselves in Les Baux, a pretty village perched high on a cliff. The word, 'Baux' means cliffs. The Chateau des Baux sits at the very top, it is now but a ruin. It has an incredible vantage point, being able to see 360 degrees around it, therefore able to ward off invaders. They lived in a lawless time. There are huge wooden implements that could lob huge boulders down the cliff side at advancing attackers. I don't think the aim is very good. It was really windy being so high up. There's an old section of a wall where we could climb up higher. I was too afraid to climb it for fear of being blown off the cliff. It is a small village, filled with restaurants, touristy shops, a great candy and cookie shop, very pretty.

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