Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Roussillon- a picture gallery

The village is painted with the pigments from the ochre hills that it sits on. We spent a good hour exploring, it was really exciting. Months before I saw pictures of Roussillon and decided I can't wait any longer, I need to go there. Doesn't these images make you want to get off your armchair, buy a plane ticket and head over there? It does me. While I'm at home I scour books and magazines, when I see pretty places I'm curious and I try to find out where they are. If they are compelling enough I incorporate them in my next itinerary. Even now as I revisit the pictures for this blog I can still feel the excitement and it gets up in the morning and heading for work and putting up with crap so I can get the money to travel again. I'm leaving again March 17, 2008 for Italy with my 2 nieces.
The start of this trip is in the posting 'an amazing trip', a trip undertaken in October 2007 when I spent 10 days back in Sicily for the second time and 10 days in France, mostly in Provence. This is for those who just joined this blog. I'm amazed that after a few months I'm still blogging about it, reminds of the amazing race, a race around the world, trying to get to see as many places as I can. You can make up your own amazing trip. It's hard work at home and abroad. At home it means very frugal living to save up for the trip, abroad, it means rushing around trying to squeeze as much out of the trip as possible. We, Americans, have a disadvantage, we live too far from Europe. For the Europeans, every country is their back door.
Everyone complains about crap at work. I've never complained. To me, all I think about is when's the next payday, how much is in the 'travel' kitty? Whoever you are and whatever it is, try to find something to get your juices flowing and excited about the day and get you up and running every day.

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