Friday, July 04, 2008

bloggers who lunch

We were having dinner in a Paris restaurant, I started taking pictures of our food when it came. The Frenchman in the next table looked at us, perturbed, he leaned close to us and offered his food to be photographed. We had a good laugh.

The Frenchman in the next table, we obliged him by taking a picture of his food.

At a restaurant in Catania, it must a be new cook, we were at this restaurant during our first trip and this was our second trip. She made us order this dish, it's Spaghetti ala vongole except it's baked in foil. It was OK.

Where ever we went, what ever we were doing, the camera was close at hand. We started to take bites out of these arancini when I suddenly remembered I needed to take a picture of it. So we put them down and took this picture. You can tell we've already taken bites out of them. We first tried Arancini in Naples and upon realizing that they are actually a Sicilian dish, we made sure we ate them while in Sicily.
I was over at Dorie Greenspan's blog and borrowed the title. She went to lunch with a few bloggers and both of them had their cameras out.
Today is July 4th and I'm cooking up a storm. The camera is close at hand to document my every move in the kitchen (almost).
Happy 4th of July.

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