Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pretty things

I've been scanning through my stock of pictures looking for pretty things. Once in a while, or more often than I let on, I need to look at pretty things to get inspired. I found some like this photo of a Van Gogh painting which I took at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. One needs to be reminded of others who have struggled with bringing their life's work out to the front. When life becomes a struggle for me, I take a peek into beautiful things and I'm ok again. It works better than a pill. One doesn't take action after taking a pill. With viewing pretty things, I'm inspired to get up and find more pretty things... I book an airline ticket, I plan a trip to known pretty places, I work harder at work, do an extra shift, just so I can keep doing the things I've enjoyed doing.
Pretty stenciled French bowls. I love red.

The French word for window shopping is window licking. In Europe, one literally has one's tongue out, the shop windows are dressed up so invitingly. I wish I had more time so as to savor everything. Fortunately I can take pictures which I can look at even when I'm not there.

Mmmmmmmm, how do you live in a country with shops like this? Maybe one day I'll find out by living there.....

Pretty French macarons. They are really good to look at but they are too sweet for me.

I saw this one of a kind scarf at a shop in Lyon. I took a picture hoping one day I'll copy it. It is in a red velvet and is absolutely beautiful. Maybe you can copy it.

Even this junk shop is pretty.

One of the kids' bed in Versailles. This is found in the kids' apartment of the palace.

I love my apples red and sweet. I'm looking forward to October when they appear again.
'Appearing soon at the Santa Monica's Farmers' market.' Be watching for it!

The journals of Italian artist, Antonio Basoli. I regret not having purchased the book of his complete works while I was in Bologna this March. Regrets in life are usually of things we didn't do, places we didn't get to see or things we didn't buy. In this case I regret not buying his book, it's put out by the museum and not available commercially. It was 50 euros and heavy and that was why I didn't buy it.

Treviso radicchio, OMG, it is so pretty, maybe it should be in a vase and used as a decorative piece, rather torn to pieces and eaten in a salad.

Mmmmmmmm, pizza... with shrimp and rocket. It is so good. I'm looking forward to eating it again. Forget about tomato and cheese pizza, order this the next time you're in Italy!

A vase of Oriental poppies, so pretty and inviting. It is a good subject for sketchers and painters. I love poppy fields too.

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