Monday, July 21, 2008

The dentist

I was at my dentist for my bi-yearly check up and everything is ok. It wasn't fun to have someone prod in your mouth with sharp and pointy instruments and scrapping away at the gunk called 'tartar'. But neccessary. I've been with this dental practice for 20 years and have never missed a check up, except the year I lived in Salt Lake City, I went to another dentist there.

Why am I writing about the dentist? We are so busy at everything that seeing a dentist is the last thing on our minds. Don't forget your dentist, is it time for your check up? No, 1-800-dentist isn't paying me. I work for a drugstore and we are having a campaign on oral health and this poster arrived for me (I'm the chief), so I thought it'll be an interesting topic, oh sure, having your teeth worked on is exciting and interesting. I think it is, it is important, you sure don't want to lose your pearly whites! What would you do? Wear dentures? While you are at the dentist, pick up a whitening kit also. When you are at the drugstore, pick out mouthwash, dental floss and stimudents, please.

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