Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last week for Apricots

'Last week for apricots', the fruit lady said, trying to sell off the last of the apricots for the season. In a few months these same people will bring their apples, all kinds of apples, apples not found in supermarkets. I spent the first few months of this year eating Navel oranges, then came the cherries, they left, now the apricots are going, but there are peaches, plums, nectarines. It is a grand time of the year for produce, all kinds of produce are being made available, one really does not need to be in Europe. But while I'm not over there, I'm trying to make it feel like over there here! So I set out a little task for myself this morning, gather a bunch of ingredients, bring home and cook something I might be eating over there but I'm eating here. I found some heirloom tomatoes, some rocket, and a bunch of chevril. Chevril is a French herb used in omelettes, as in Omelette with fine herbs, the herb used is Chevril. That was what the salad lady said, oh yes, I'm going to make a 3 egg omelette with Chevril.
Ingredients for the Omelette with Chevril.

I threw in the whole bunch of Chevril, costs me a dollar. I think I have some left for my salad tonight.

Et voila, lunch is ready.

Open face sandwich with heirloom tomatoes, rocket leaves and Calendula blossoms, so tasty and so pretty, just like what a French Bistro might serve. Oui, Chez Tante Anne is open for business!

A half hour later, I'm sitting down to this delightful and most delectable brunch. I have a Raspberry sauce cooling on the kitchen counter. The whole kitchen smells of Raspberries. You've gotta find your neighborhood farmers' market and visit it regularly. Don't miss this incredible time of the year. I seldom use cookbooks anymore, unless I'm cooking a classic recipe. I usually make up my own recipes, throw things together and eat. Sometimes they turn out wonderfully, sometimes not so but either way I'm eating simply, without a whole lot of fuss.

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