Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a pretty place, Annecy, France

Annecy, France is so pretty. Everywhere and in every corner is a pretty vignette. It is one of the most delightful places in the the world. It's got sparkling water flowing from Lake Annecy, flowing through the city. As with all water cities, like Amsterdam, Brugges or Venice, it's water through the city. Unlike Brugges and Venice, the water ways are too narrow to be navigable by boats but the water is clear and so clean.
Annecy is at a corner of France, close to the alps and just round the corner from Geneva, Switzerland. The old part of town is what I'm writing about. As with all places, the newer part of town grew around the old part. We took the morning bus (2 hours) from Lyon. I had planned to go there during a previous trip and to access it from Geneva but I changed the itinerary and so never went to Annecy till October 2007. It is hard when all the cute and quaint places are scattered all over, it'll take many trips to get to all of them. With each trip, I'm able to whittle the list down. That's an idea, I should list all the cute places I most want to visit and see as many as is possible with each trip.
In the days of old photography it is a 'two rolls of film' place! Definitely one is more likely to take a lot more pictures of interesting places. I've been to places where I'm reluctant to even take the camera out. Thank God, these places are few. Not Annecy, it is so pretty, I've lots of photos of this place. The buildings are painted in all kinds of pastel colors, not unlike the colors of French macarons. I won't forget this sweet place

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