Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Accomodations on the road

Back in the days when the exchange rate was better and we could get more money from our US dollars, we stayed in places like this. This was the Ai Lumi in Trapani, on the west coast of Sicily. It was a self contained apartment above a restaurant. They were both owned by the same owners. It was located in the cars free area of the old town quite close to the waterfront, where all kinds of boats were docked and also the ferries that take people to the many islands off of Sicily. The restaurant was really fancy and they serve their famous fish with couscous dish. They served a great breakfast too, the yoghurt was so creamy and tasty. I was greedy and had too much yoghurt and had to go to the bathroom a few more times that day. We went to Trapani to visit Erice which we did and also to see the I Mysteries, a series of carvings of the passion of Jesus, this we didn't see because the church where they were housed was under renovations. The church should be opened by now and it's probably time to revisit Trapani.

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