Sunday, December 19, 2010


These are badly defaced frescoes but no less beautiful. In fact, they are more precious now because soon only their memories would remain as unrecognisable paint chips. One can still make out the angel in this paiting, I can see it's wings.
 A previous visitor left some flowers, how sweet. It's always great to know that there like minded people in this world. There are people who wants to honor the memory of a people who once inhabited this area and worshipped in these churches and were buried here too.

Soon this will be what's left of the frescoes in the whole church.
 As in all Orthodox churches, there is always a beautiful dome and all decked out with glorious frescoes, possibly of Christ, the Pantocrator, the most important object of worship.

 Notice, all the eyes are gouged out, it was possibly done during the iconoclast period of the Orthodox church. When Leo, the Issaurian became Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, he ordered that no church painting bears any figures. The zealous members went round all the churches to remove the eyes of all the figures in exisitng paintings. It lasted for a while, but the word was the Cappadocians did not pay much attention. So while there were some iconoclastic activity, there were figurative paintings going on as well.

One can still see Mary and baby Jesus, with unrecognisable worshippers. It is well known that the churches was carved at different times than the frescoes. Even so, some could be painted during the iconoclast period and later painted again with figures after the iconoclast period. Whatever the situation, these are absolutely beautiful frescoes. The colors are different from others that we've seen

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