Thursday, December 09, 2010

Rock cut church in jeaopardy

 Burial plots, small, probably for children.

Over the years, a lot of these rock cut churches have fallen victim to the weather and have been destroyed completely and therefore lost to us forever. There are others, hanging like a loose tooth, on the verge of falling down completely and be lost forever. It is heart breaking to see that nothing can be done to save them. There are a few churches in Goreme open air museum that are being restored and preserved, other than that, the rest in the area are just left to the elements. We visited a few that ae in various stages of decay but are still so beautiful. Most of these are at least 1000 years old and these are the last of old Byzantine art. One is hard pressed to see much of the Byzantine empire in Istanbul. Cappadocia provides, still, the most of all things Byzantine. The pyramids in Giza might be with us for a while yet but not these rock cut churches. I would say Cappadocia is a must see and must see soon.
This church might have dated to the iconoclast era and therefore much earlier than the ones with frescoes of Bible passages.

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