Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A lot of climbing

Again, Bernd, on the first night always gauge and assess his clients' fitness. There were some cave churches that was just too high for us, we could only see from down below. This one was manageable with his help. In the old days, the monks and priests deliberately carved their hovels and chapels high in the cones to deter visitors. These are ascetic monks that avoid people. To get up and down these tall cones, niches are carved all the way up, they call them hand and toe niches, one climbs up as in today's rock climbing. The National Geographic visitor in 1939 saw a monk coming down his cone with the help of a rope. I'm surprised there were still monks in the area in 1939, the place is supposed to have been deserted in the early 1900. It's an amazing place, one comes back with more questions that cannot be answered. Picture shows Sophie.

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