Monday, December 06, 2010

My friend, Bernd Junghans

I want to introduce you to my friend, Bernd Junghans. Here are some important websites of his where he has spent some 9 years in Cappadocia, documenting the unknown churches. and What tourists usually see are the churches in Goreme open air museum, a Unesco world heritage site and is very impressive. There are numerous other churches in the area that are not documented and Bernd has spent 9 years exploring each one and his photographer friend, Olaf has spent numerous vacation time taking pictures of these. We were taken to some of them. bernd has told me not to reveal the location of any of them. I can't because I don't remember where they are, we just hiked and climbed, the area is so vast. I have no clue where we were taken to. But if you want a similar experience please do not hesitate to contact Bernd, he'd love to show you 'my Cappadocia' as he lovingly puts it.
I found his name in a guide book on Cappadocia written by 2 Germans and decided to contact him, Bernd, that is. After some negotiations we decided to meet in Goreme and this is the picture of our first face to face meeting. Bernd is the guy next to me, the other person is his friend, Fips. I love this picture, it shows me as an 'explorer.' This was taken at Sunrise/Sunset point in Goreme, just before sunset.

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