Monday, January 03, 2011

A friend

 Clear across the other canyon is another chai stand and a friend of Bernd. As we approached, Bernd shouted out to his friend, the owner of the chai stand and he is the keeper of a fantastic rock cut church with fantastic frescoes. He heard us and he waved.

 There were other visitors there before us. It's just great, to have friends all over the place. Bernd is almost a local after having lived here for 8-9 years.

We would stay and have another tea before visiting the church right next to the chai stand. It was hot. I liked Turkish tea and that was what I had on such a hot day. Before I even gulped it down, Bernd said, 'are we ready to see the church?' We're always ready. I jumped up, not wanting to waste any time, I want to fit as much in as possible. I ran up the steps to the church. I wasn't in the church for very long when I realised I can't seem to cool off, my body temperature seems to keep rising and I was going to black out. I become deathly silent and Sophie realised I was in trouble. She ran down the steps, got some cold water for me. I was thinking, 'oh my God, she shouldn't run, she could get into the same trouble and then what are we going to do.' We're in the middle of nowhere, we can't call 911 to get us out of there. But after drinking the cold water, I felt better and could continue the rest of our day. Thank God, it was a little scary.

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