Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cute village # 2, Breil sur roya

This was taken from a moving train though we did stop and I have other pictures but I like this better. It is the quintessential medieval village, so picture perfect. The river, Roya runs by it and makes it so incredibly charming. That's why I travel, to see places that are different. Imagine living where I do, in Southern California where there is hardly any change in scenery, it is green all the time, no snow, no tornadoes, no nothing, driving to work, come home, go to market, come home..... it gets a little too much sometimes and a change of scenery is absolutely necessary. Lately I've come to need more changes in scenery, Europe has not become enough. That's the human spirit, we crave or at least I do, for variety.
I am sad that I can't go to Syria or Libya right now. These places holds some of the world's most treasured antiquities.

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