Thursday, June 30, 2011

My travel companions this trip

Would your kids want to do this? These 2 boys were such troopers, here am I forcing them to be culture vultures like me. This trip was a tough one, we hiked, ate strange foods, visited a place where no English was spoken and we have no Turkish language skills. They devoured the guide book and tried to learn as many Turkish words as they could and I learned a lot more Turkish words too through their effort. We could do 1 to 10 in Turkish. We could say 'tessekuler' (thank you) and 'hos cakal' (good bye). We attracted a lot of attention everywhere we went. The locals have never seen oriental people before.

 Here we are in Ani, one of our favorite places.

 Here is a family who wants a picture taken with them.

They are city slickers and this trip saw them hiking and noticing things in the wild. There's nothing like a curious mind. We were trying to hike 7 km to a village, halfway along I decided we should hitch a ride which we did. Then we were supposed to hike another 7 km to the church and halfway through we caught another ride with another stranger. I wouldn't do this on my own but with them I could. Hitching rides is a very common practice.
These are my nephews, sons of my sister and they are 19 and 22. They were a joy to travel with.

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