Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wall of affirmations

 Plastered on the walls in my room are pictures, sayings, dreams and other affirmations, a visual reminder of why I get up in the morning. Life and work is hard and stressful, I need a lot of reminders in order to be able to handle it. But I am getting into the place where I really want to be in. Two days ago I paid off my mortgage, not bad, finished it in ten years of a fifteen year loan. I've worked so hard, saving every penny and paying into my mortgage every extra cent I have. Now I can concentrate on buying gold. I already own some gold coins. While I travel a lot and write about it, my financial life is well looked after and I am a hound when it comes to financial news, preferring some non traditional sources like YouTube for my financial news. I have the good fortune of working in the Jewellery district of Los Angeles among goldsmiths. So its easy to walk into some of them to buy solid gold coins.
One important I learned while traveling in Turkey, when you are not near a money changer, you can go to a goldsmith, they will take your Euros or your US dollars in exchange for Turkish Liras. They need hard currency to buy gold. It is easy to find money changers in Istanbul but when you are in the smaller villages it could be hard and AT M's are difficult to find also. Goldsmiths are plentiful all over the world. Gold is traditionally a form of investment among villagers all over the world. Suddenly I've become interested in gold. I wished I was interested in gold sooner, I would have bought gold at a much lowere price. The price of gold has skyrocketed and it's only going to go up. I'm sure if I traveled with a few gold coins I would do just fine.

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a lovely idea your "wall of affirmations" is.