Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rome to Barcelona - Camogli

Further up the coast from the Cinque terre is a little fishing village, perched up against the craggy coast line. It was steep and the houses were steep, a few stories high and all crowded together, painted in pastel colors. It looke like a painting. It is so laid back, the only noise came from the train as they roll through the very narrow tracks. I had heard about it from a German couple the previous year, they visited and told us it was their favorite. So there we were the next year in Camogli. I'm leaving for Eastern Turkey in a few days. Last year when we were flying on Sun Express from Izmir to Kayseri in Turkey, the inflight magazine featured a town in Eastern Turkey on the Black Sea coast called Trabzon. Here I am, the next year, heading to it. That's how my trips are planned. I read something, hear something, see something, then curiousity takes over and I'm making my way there.

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