Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cute village # 3, Saorge

 Where is this cute village? We got off the train and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. There were two other visitors who told us that the village is a 20 minute walk away past this tunnel. While Sophie is very trusting, she lets me handle all the arrangement, I can see a traveling couple who might fight. I have heard couples on the road, fighting and blaming each other for getting lost. It is frustrating to get lost and you can't speak the local language. Most relationships probably couldn't pass muster in such a situation.
 We've found ourselves in many situations where we had to walk because we don't drive. I remember the year we visited Rocamodour, we walked an hour from the train station and then back. We could have stuck our thumb out to hitch but we decided not to. We did hitch recently in the Peloponnese, I stuck my thumb out when we were walking in Monemvasia and was picked up by this nice Greek lady in a truck.

Saorge is one of the prettiest and the most perfect, it can't get any better than this. Before coming I didn't know it existed. We were gathering information in Ventimiglia on which village to see and the description was such that this should be one of them. We were only able to see a few of these cute villages, there are still a few more that we didn't have time for. Maybe next time.

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