Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oh, to eat Italian

 Italians must think us crazy, to go gogo gaga over simple bread, olive oil, pomodoro and olio olivo, bruschetta. Everything tasted so good but it wasn't always the case, we've had terrible food on our trip and for that we cursed.

 We've had some great olive oil, crisp and green in taste. Imagine that's the norm in Italian life.
 Of course, when in the South, we've got to eat orecchiette with broccoli.
One of the restaurant's patrons said to take a picture of the waiter which I did. This was a jolly waiter. This was the same restaurant that Mel Gibson spent a lot of time in when he was filming 'the passion of the Christ'. We ate here too on our visit in 2007. At this time, it was crowded with the cast of the 'Ben Hur' remake. It opens at 8pm and there was already a line waiting outside.

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