Wednesday, March 15, 2006

decorating on the cheap 3

I feel almost guilty living in Southern California. It's the promise land much like the Cotswold in England and the Cote D'zur in France, as someone had said. While others in the rest of the USA are battling wind, sleet, snow and rain we are enjoying the most fabulous weather. What else do we need but an old straw hat, a cup of tea and a stack of books to while away these lovely days. It all cost almost nothing. When I'm home I never want to leave. I guess it's important to create a lovely space at home so we won't be tempted to go to the mall or other places of entertainment. Saves a lot of money this way. I paid $75 for each of these french garden chairs. One of my neices was horrified that I paid so much for chairs that are old and rusty. "but they are old and rusty" were her exact words. I still love her. Maybe it's time to clean house, clear out the ugly stuff, have a garage sale, don't put anything in storage. Or else make do with what you have, add some cute touches here and there. Create a lovely place and enjoy those solitary moments. For me these moments are incubators for my dreams that I'm right now living out.

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