Thursday, March 16, 2006


I love vacations. Here am I in the lavender fields in Provence, France during a 2004 trip. I shall be leaving for Italy in a few hours. The culmination of a lot of extra work hours and brutal budgeting. This trip was planned a year ago and even now as I take this trip I'm planning for next year's trip to China. I am looking into ways to make this a business so I can make some money to help pay for these trips. "Considering life's brevity, we should travel abundantly with great enthusiasm" Peter Megargee Brown.

Everything has to do double duty in my life. I went into a junk shop the other day looking for a little bookcase for the side of my bed. I told the owner that my furniture has to double duty. She asked what I wanted them to do, sing for me? I don't mind if they could, I said, but the bookcase would hold the books I read in bed while acting as a bedside night stand. So I travel with an ulterior motive, makes it a lot more fun and more than justifies the expense.

I will not be making any entries while I'm away. I need to learn how to blog on the road. I'll resume in 2 weeks when I get home.

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