Saturday, March 11, 2006

decorating on the cheap

Some people have gone into serious debt while decorating their homes. I have heard of folks buying expensive sets of furniture. The new junk style or shabby chic style while not entirely cheap allows one to afford furniture with time. We don't hav to plonk down thousands of dollars for a bedroom set or a dining room set. Case in point, my home, it took almost ten years to get to here. I buy a piece of furniture every now and then. I bought a pine tablet from Pottery Barn 10 years ago and 10 years later I have 6 dining chairs all painted in various shades of white and they look so adorable.
I read in a magazine article once about a lady who had some really cute stuff in her house. She said she didn't spend a penny more $10,000.00. I beat her record, I think I spent much less than that. Over the next few weeks I will lead a tour around my house. We've got to rethink the way we shop and spend money. The money I save goes to pay off my mortgage at an accelerated rate, it goes into my Schwab one account and finances my yearly European jaunts.

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